Frequently Asked Questions

About The LoveChain

What’s the LoveChain social media platform about?

Simply, it’s social media and a marketplace built around the unique theme of Love. All you need to do is record and share the pictures, videos and comments of the people and things you love and let us help you celebrate the special moments. Whilst you’re doing that earn rewards tokens that will help you engage with the platform further and gain discounts on products and services offered by our merchant partners. When Valentines day or Mother’s day or your anniversary comes up simply cash in your rewards tokens with one of the merchants offering anything from flowers to hotel stays and enjoy.

What sort of profiles will I be able to set up on the website?

You will be able to set up a profile for just about anything you love provided it is not offensive.
You could set up a profile with your girlfriend, wife, kids, parents, pets, your favorite sports teams or movies, your favorite band or snack. Then you can share your posts with other users on the platform.

How many people can operate a profile on the LoveChain?

Well for a couple in a relationship both parties can be authorised to operate the profile. Similarly for family profiles more than one person can be authorised to operate the profile. One person can also be the sole authority on a profile, whatever is most convenient for the users.

When will I be able to set up a profile on the LoveChain?

We anticipate that a beta version of the platform with basic functionality will be available by November of 2019.

Which Blockchain is the LoveChain using to record Data?

At this stage The LoveChain will record all relationships and profiles on the Ethereum blockchain.

Can I reserve a profile on the LoveChain now?

Yes you can reserve a profile on The LoveChain now (profiles #1 to #50 have already been reserved).

The first 10,000 profiles will earn 100 LOVR rewards tokens and an extra 10 tokens for every new profile that is referred.

I want to record my wedding vows on the LoveChain. Is that possible?

Yes it certainly is. With the LoveChain your wedding vows can be recorded on the blockchain for all time. Along with that you will receive your unique code derived directly from the block where your vows are recorded on the blockchain to commemorate it.

How is my unique cryptographic code for my profile created?

Each profile that is created on the LoveChain will have a unique cryptographic code or number that is allocated to that profile. That code is derived from the Hash or code required to secure a block (which is where the information is recorded) on the blockchain.  This unique code/number is yours alone to commemorate and celebrate.
To read about how The LoveChain records data to the Blockchain, click here.

Can I purchase gifts through the Affiliates and Merchants now?

Yes even though development of the LoveChain platform is ongoing the initial stages of the marketplace exist. So whether you want to purchase flowers or a hotel stay, some fashion items or chocolates you can do so now and in the process you will help the platform earn some revenues that will contribute to its ongoing development.

What is the difference between the LOV token and the LOVR token?

The LOV token is limited in supply and is offered as part of the initial token offering. Further the LOV token will be used in the quarterly swap program for products and services offered by merchant partners or for other cryptocurrencies like ETH, TRX or BNB.  LOVR is the rewards token earned by engaging with the LoveChain platform by for example posting content or agreeing to view advertisements. Both LOV or LOVR tokens will be eligible to gain discounts or products and services through merchant partners and also as currency to participate in the various competitions and rewards programs on the platform. (Please see our guide on how to earn LOVR rewards tokens).

How can I buy LOV tokens?

The LOV token will be available currently through the Pre-IEO process just email us on [email protected] 

Once agreements are in place with the selected Exchanges an Initial Exchange Offering will take place and that is where you will also be able to purchase the LOV token.

Discounts apply to the Pre-IEO offering please refer to the white paper for details.

When will the LOV tokens be listed on an exchange?

The management team at The LoveChain are currently discussing terms for an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with a number of digital exchanges and anticipate an offering of LOV tokens shortly.

Do I need a digital currency wallet to set up a profile on the LoveChain?

No you will only need the wallet if you want to participate in the Initial token offering of LOV tokens.  Otherwise when the platform is operational you will be able to set up a profile seamlessly and the platform will manage your balance of the rewards tokens (LOVR) which you accumulate on your profile through a central ledger and an integrated wallet (Next Genius Wallet) that our team has developed.

How can I earn the 500 LOV token bounty?

You can earn the 500 LOV token bounty by just registering your interest in setting up a profile on the LoveChain and then uploading a picture or video to our user feed and sharing it on one of your other social media accounts.
You can also earn a further 500 LOV token bounty by purchasing something through our merchant and affiliate partners. Just email a copy of your receipt to [email protected]

How long do my LOVR rewards tokens last?

When you earn your LOVR rewards tokens they will remain available for you to use for 1 year.  Any LOVR rewards tokens that you have earned and not spent within the 1 year period will expire and be burned. To help you manage your LOVR balances we will provide you with a live summary of any LOVR tokens that are shortly to expire.